2-row self-propelled top lifting harvester

2-row trailed carrot harvester dewulf

The ZKIIs harvester is a 2-row self-propelled top lifting harvester. Depending on the logistics, it is possible to harvest 3 - 4 hectares a day under all circumstances and with a quality end product. After the cutters set, the product is transported by a 800 mm wide cross conveyor. The speed of this conveyor is adjustable from the cabin. Also with the ZKIIse, a 2-row self-propelled top lifting harvester with hedgehog unit, you are able to harvest 3 - 4 hectares a day. Thanks to the huge hedgehog unit, you have a completely clean product straight from the field.


A perfect cutting result starts with the intake

A perfect cutting result starts with the intake

An accurate cutting result depends very much on the moment when the carrots can be harvested. For this, the carrots have to be suspended uniformly and accurately in the harvesting belt unit. The ‘Floating Shares' are unique, in that each harvesting element has an independent depth control for its harvesting share, whereby maximum stability is guaranteed, even at higher harvesting speeds. Small up-and-down movements of the harvesting element do not have any influence on the position of the share arms.

Harvesting belts

With the super-grip profile harvesting belts, Dewulf gives a new dimension to capacity, cleaning and product friendliness. Thanks to the large-sized belts, a larger capacity is achieved and harvesting can continue as conditions become more intense. A low inclination angle ensures a smooth and gentle crop intake. Drive pulleys with a large diameter, (optional rotary) belt cleaners and automatic belt tensioners guarantee continuity under the roughest conditions. The speed of the harvesting belts and cutters are proportionally adjustable and reversible from the cabin.

The 2 hydraulically driven rotary torpedoes per harvesting element ensure an accurate intake of the haulm. If you, as a driver, want to concentrate better on the actual harvesting process, you can opt for DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering). ADC (Automatic Depth Control) is standard.

The heart of a Dewulf top lifting harvester

The heart of a Dewulf top lifting harvester

The harvesters are equipped with the best cutter set in the market. Whenever moving parts are exposed to dirt and liquid, excessive wear will be the result. That is why Dewulf ensures the bearings of the topping blades are hermetically sealed through a ‘Labyrinth Sealing'. This provides the highest degree of durability in the market, whereby even the smallest dust particles and aggressive plant fluids cannot gain access to the bearings. Routine maintenance is kept to a minimum. Two grease nipples per head lubricate all six topping blades through a central grease channel within the housing. Two grease nipples ensure that there is always one grease nipple available to lubricate manually.

The topping blades are driven by a maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive'. In contrast to conventional chain drive systems with a chain tensioner, two heavy-duty sprockets ensure a perfect synchronisation of the blades. As a result, the tops of the carrots remain undamaged and the topping blades last longer.

Foreign objects such as wood will not obstruct the harvesting process, as the topping blades are sprung loaded and therefore always return to their original position. Six topping blades ensure for an optimal topping result, and are also self-cleaning. The blades are as standard sharp on both sides, so reversing the direction of the blade can clear any blockages.

A work environment in which you feel at home

2-row self-propelled carrot harvester dewulf
With the roomy new Claas cabin, Dewulf has created an ENJOYABLE working environment focused on the driver. Comfort and ergonomics has been given a new meaning. Due to an excellent view on the harvesting elements, the driving experience is sublime. The control via the joystick, harvesting control-unit and drive control-unit allow the driver to operate the machine easily and comfortably. All controls have been placed close together to allow easy, convenient operation.

The specially designed ergonomic joystick is very comfortable in the hand and is easy to operate with a minimum of hand movements. The joystick has 20 buttons, so that sufficient functions can be operated directly. Furthermore, it is possible to link various harvesting adjustments in 5 configurable pre-sets. This way, you change the complete setting of the machine with a single press of a button.