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Experience the capacity of a real 4-row harvester

Since its launch in 2010, Dewulf was first manufacturer to combine frontal harvesting with a classic cleaning of webs, hedgehog unit and cleaning modules with the biggest bunker in the market. Dewulf continued with INNOVATIVE developments, without detracting from what makes it so unique. Over the years, the Kwatro has built a strong reputation in the market as the master in field, anytime, anywhere.

In 2015, Dewulf implemented extensive updates, without changing the concept that forms the basis of the harvester's success. Careful attention was paid to what the professional users in the field had to say.

Potato-friendly and frontal harvesting

Because of the concept of high-quality, frontal harvesting, the potato baulks remain intact and the harvester has excellent stability. Due to this construction, it is possible to keep harvesting for longer in the event of wet conditions. It is possible to exchange different harvesting kits (for different vegetable crops) very easily. The harvesting unit is equipped with an Automatic Depth Control (ADC) by means of 2 skids, separate harvesting shares and large, hydraulically driven discs. The harvesting unit is supported by a robust system of support rollers between the ridges and Automatic Pressure Control (APC). With the skids positioned between the baulks, the Dewulf Automatic Steering (DAS) automatically follows the rows. There are hydraulic closure flaps implemented to prevent loss of potatoes when raising the harvesting unit. The closure flaps prevent loss by driver mistakes.
A diabolo kit is also optional.


I. Haulm chopper

The haulm chopper has been fitted with an excellent flail distribution (1). Together with a perfectly designed shaped hood, a great suction force is guaranteed. The hood is largely made of wear-resistant synthetic material, as a result the clumping of soil is prevented. The electrical depth control with 2 skids (2) flawlessly follows the ridges, ensuring a perfect pulverization. Optionally, a haulm chopper with removal to the side can be selected.

II. Sieving path

The sieving path is comprised of a succession of a digger web and two sieving webs, without narrowing which allows customers to reach high harvesting speeds of up to 9 km/h. The Kwatro uses a short digger web first. By having a 2-part digger web (3), you are also able to harvest only 2 rows. A hydraulically driven torpedo is installed to avoid obstruction of haulm. With big haulm intake rollers, obstruction at the outer side is prevented. There are only turning frame parts going across the different sieving conveyors, which eliminates all risks of obstructions. 

III. Hedgehog unit

The hedgehog unit (4) provides the first intensive cleaning and has a width of 2,7 m which is made of 2 hedgehog webs. It is perfect adjustable in angle and speed to provide good cleaning. Soil and haulm are ejected just before the rear wheel out of the machine by a PVC waste conveyor (5). Below the hedgehog unit, it is possible to have an optional fall breaking roller to guarantee a potato-friendly transition onto the Flexyclean®.

IV. Flexyclean®

Thanks to the Flexyclean® (6), the change in direction of the crop comes first on a web and not directly on the axial rollers. This gives a smooth flow on the 30 axial rollers. The Flexyclean® is a patented variable bypass system in combination with a cleaning unit, which responds perfectly to the respective conditions. The extent to which the potatoes pass over the cleaning unit can be adjusted seamlessly via the Flexyclean®. The axial rollers can tilt down with the aid of a hydraulic cylinder for changing the rollers easily and applying the daily maintenance.

V. Ring elevator

The potatoes are distributed across the entire width of the ring elevator (1.2 m) with a 3-part distributor (7). The ring elevator is equipped with active side walls, which protects the potatoes against damage. The inner web is a fully closed bar web. These two inner webs (8) have different lengths which results in a perfect distribution of the crop onto the discharge conveyor. As an option it is possible to have an additional unit (9) in the discharge conveyor, to have extra cleaning or sorting above.

VI. Bunker

The bunker (10) has a capacity of 17,5 m³ with automatic height filling. This offers an important advantage when opening up large fields with a large yield. The 1-part bunker makes it possible to unload the entire bunker quickly or to unload on the move. The harvester is equipped with an automatic synthetic hydraulic tensioner, ensuring that the bunker chain always has the required tension and is less susceptible to wear.

A work environment in which you feel at home

A work environment in which you feel at home

With the roomy new Claas cabin, Dewulf has created an ENJOYABLE working environment focused on the driver. Comfort and ergonomics has been given new meaning. Due to an excellent view of the harvesting unit, the driving experience is sublime. The control via the joystick, harvesting control-unit and drive control-unit allow the driver to operate the machine easily and comfortably. All controls have been placed close together to allow easy, convenient operation. Pedals are provided to operate the track steering and machine inclination. 

The specially designed ergonomic joystick is very comfortable in the hand and is easy to operate with a minimum of hand movements. The joystick has 20 buttons, so that sufficient functions can be operated directly. Furthermore, it is possible to link various harvesting parameters in 5 configurable pre-sets. This way, you change the complete setting of the machine with a single press of a button.

Master of the field, anytime, anywhere

The clever weight distribution in conjunction, the 900 mm wide tracks and the optional super wide rear tyre (Mitas 1250/50 R32) ensure a perfect flat ground after harvesting and with minimal compaction. The Kwatro has the lowest peak pressure on the field in the market, without having overloaded rear wheels or small front wheels that cut deep into the potato ridges. 

The rear steering angle of 60° makes the harvester noticeably manoeuvrable, even on the smallest fields. The tracks steer automatically when a certain angle of the rear axle is reached. The traction can be adjusted per track/wheel, ensuring that harvesting can be continued, being RELIABLE in the most challenging circumstances and weather conditions.

Claas Terra Trac (900 mm x 2950 mm)

Optional super large rear tyre (Mitas 1250/50R32) with a tyre pressure of 1.4 bar.

Powerful engine, better fuel economy

Powerful engine, better fuel economy

The Kwatro is equipped with a Scania DC13 Stage IV engine with 500 hp. The cooler works independently from the engine and as a result offers more freedom in regard to the engine speed. All radiators are integrated in 1 cooling package (H2O, intercooler, oil and airco) with reverse system and proportional steering. The engine complies with the most stringent requirements in regard to emission standards.

On the road, the engine speed is limited to 1550 rpm and the normal operating range lies between 1250 rpm and 1750 rpm (depending on the conditions). In this manner, a higher performance with an ECONOMICAL fuel consumption can be achieved. The transversely mounted engine has provided a greater degree of accessibility. With a user-friendly ladder, the daily checks and refuelling can be performed very easily and quickly. As a result, valuable time is not wasted during the most crucial harvest period.

■ = standard

o = optional


Number of rows


Automatic closure flaps

Digger web width [mm]

2 x 1460

Support rollers

Driven cutting discs

Haulm intake rollers

Diabolo kit


Spray track detection


APC (Automatic Pressure Control)

DSC (Dewulf Synchronisation Control)

ADC (Automatic Depth Control)

DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering)


Sieving conveyor 1 length [mm]


Sieving conveyor 2 length [mm]


Sieving conveyor 3 length [mm]



Star agitator in sieving conveyor 1


Two eccentric agitators in sieving conveyor 2

Eccentric agitator in sieving conveyor 3

Hedgehog unit


Cleaning module in discharge conveyor



Haulm chopper including ADC

Haulm chopper with removal at right


Haulm roller


Distributor before the ring elevator

3 bar webs

Ring elevator width [mm]


Ejection roller



Unloading height min/max [mm]


Unloading on the move

Automatic filling

Automatic oil system for bunker chain


17,5 m3



Scania DC13, EU stage IV compliant


368 KW (500hp)

Revs during harvest [rpm]

1250 - 1750

Fuel tank 600 l

Fuel tank 1000 l


AdBlue tank

60 l


Total length during harvest [mm]

14 892

Total length on transport [mm]

14 090

Total width [mm]


Total height [mm]


Weight [kg]

29 500


2x Claas tracks (900 mm x 2950 mm)

Rear wheel

Continental 1050/50 R32 (1055 x 1858 mm): ■
Michelin 1050/50 R32 (1055 x 1858 mm): o
Mitas 1250/50 R32 (1250 x 1858 mm): o


Carrot kit

Onion kit

Chicory kit