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R3060 for Deroo, Belgium


  • Harvester replacement
  • Working in tough sandy-loamy soil conditions


  • R3060 2-row self-propelled harvester
  • Axial rollers for thorough cleaning


  • A trustworthy machine
  • Harvesting in all conditions
  • Minimum maintenance

"The Dewulf R3060 is finished to perfection, which cannot always be said of other machines."

Marc Deroo

Opting for certainty

Entrepreneur Marc Deroo from Westvleteren, Belgium, has seen many potato harvesters pass in review. When in 2009 a new machine replacement was required, the choice was obvious: Marc's new harvesting machine would be a Dewulf R3060 self-propelled 2-rower.

After years of experience with the Dewulf brand, Deroo again purchased a Dewulf R3060 in 2009 and a second one in 2010. Both have been equipped with axial rollers, for the heavy West-Flemish soil conditions.

"The Dewulf R3060 potato harvester is a machine that has been proven and tested, and finished to perfection. With the R3060, you have a machine that is a certainty for your company."

"We managed the machine start-up completely by ourselves. I didn't even need to touch my toolbox. Unlike in the past, where sometimes we were confronted with unforeseen problems in the field."

Easy maintenance

With Dewulf machinery, maintenance is reduced to a minimum. "That's a necessity," Marc confirms. "Because during season, every hour counts. All the more, because we do most of the maintenance ourselves. This is valuable time that we need to earn back."

Dewulf craftsmanship

"The hydraulic drive is very good. The depth control technology really makes a difference for the positioning of the harvesting channel. Also the machine can be very easily maneuvered."