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2-row trailed potato harvester with bunker

2-row potato harvester dewulf

Dewulf Torro pays special attention to the product quality of the potatoes during harvesting. The 2-row trailed sieving harvester with bunker is equipped with 2 sieving webs in combination with a curved haulm conveyor, which is unique on the market. Thanks to its unique curve, the falling height is continuously limited to an absolute minimum and damage to the crop is prevented.

Furthermore, the light, reliable machine is equipped with a multitude of innovative features that are unique for its segment. For example, the patented Inclino Master® technology will make its first appearance in the Torro. This system ensures that the harvesting unit continuously remains parallel to the field while the harvester is always kept horizontal. This technology increases productivity and avoids the loss of quality due to potatoes becoming damaged during harvesting.

Additionally, Torro has low requirements in regard to tractor power and can harvest with a tractor with as little as 100 hp. Thanks to the Quick Change System, the switching between the different harvesting kits only requires 15 minutes. The speed of both flat hedgehog units can be controlled from both the tractor cabin as well as from the platform, which makes work more pleasurable. Furthermore, no less than 7 persons can sort product on the discharge conveyor. Thanks to its wheel set, the Torro has the most optimal stability and ground clearance in its class. Finally, with the loading optimization, the bunker can be expanded from 5.5 to 6 tonnes and the offset harvester is equipped with an option for unloading on the move.

Offset harvester with bunker



Bunker capacity (kg)


6000 with load optimisation

Wheel set-up

Right: Trelleborg 600/55 R26.5
Left: Trelleborg 600/55 R26.5
Option 1
Right: Trelleborg 850/45 B30.5
Left: Trelleborg 850/45 B30.5
Option 2
Right: Trelleborg 850/45 B30.5
Left: Mitas 2 x 750 320/85 R38

Required power (hp)


 Sieving path

Standard: 2 sieving webs (sieving web 1: 3200 mm long with a pitch of 36, 40, 44 or 50 / sieving web 2: 2400 mm long with a pitch of 32, 36, 40 or 44), haulm conveyor, 2 flat hedgehog units (flat hedgehog unit 1: 2000 mm long and 1500 mm wide, with 3 deflecting rollers / flat hedgehog unit 2: 1350 mm long and 1300 mm wide, with 2 deflecting rollers (optionally hydraulically driven deflecting belt with 3 rows of rubber studs)

Weight (kg)



11.21 m long - 3.37 m wide - 3.62 m high