1946 – founding of Dewulf: Robert Dewulf is a farmer's son. However, he's more interested in the technical aspect of the agricultural life. At the age of 25, he starts out his own activity of welding ploughs in his father's barn.

1940s-1950s – first potato harvesters: Soon after his start-up, Robert begins constructing potato harvesters. Originally trailed by horse, Robert's harvesters are soon built to be trailed by a tractor.

1960s – first mechanically driven harvesters for other vegetables: The Belgian region around Roeselare has a strong, historical presence of vegetable processing companies. As such, the demand for Dewulf harvesters for other kinds of vegetables is growing. In the 1960s, the Dewulf portfolio is extended with mechanically driven carrot, leek and chicory harvesters.

1980s – relocation to bigger company site: At the end of the 80s, Dewulf relocates to a larger site and facility in Roeselare, in order to cope with its continuous growth.

1989 – innovative R3000: In 1989, Dewulf achieved a milestone with the introduction of the first ever self-propelled, three-wheeled, side-mounted potato harvester with gooseneck control. For this exquisite concept, Dewulf received the famous Gouden Aar during the 1990 Agribex exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

2006 – opening of company site in Romania: Dewulf opens a brand-new production facility, located in Brasov, Romania. Through its new facility, Dewulf aims at achieving greater manufacturing efficiencies and costs savings.

2014 – acquisition of Miedema: Thanks to the acquisition of Miedema, Dewulf is now one of the undisputed global leaders in this segment of the agricultural machinery manufacturing market. Miedema has been providing effective and highly-regarded solutions for potato growers (soil cultivation, planting, storage, transport & grading) throughout the world since 1940. Dewulf can henceforth provide a complete machinery range for the modern-day potato and vegetable growers around the world.

2018 – Official opening of Smart Logistics Centre: Dewulf officially opens its new logistics centre in Roeselare. This project fits with the family company's strategy for achieving further organic growth and makes it possible to serve customers even better. The construction of the warehouse, with a price tag of around €10 million, is the company's largest financial investment since its founding in 1946.