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Working at Dewulf

Working at Dewulf

A job at Dewulf, that means...

...working in a familiar atmosphere yet within an extremely ambitious framework. A company that started three-quarters of a century ago as a small family business, is today a top player in a global market. More than 400 employees are giving the best of themselves each day at three locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Romania.

...growing together in your job and as a company. That is the common goal that we have in mind within the Dewulf Group and that we want to pursue actively. The organization is headed by a generation that has its sights set on the future. Our slogans #EnjoyGrowing and #DewulfOne emphasise this ambition.

...working with the words sustainability and high quality in mind. Whether it's about soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, storage, or grading, Dewulf offers the crop-optimal solution with product friendliness as its most important motivation. And we do so in every corner of the world.

...that is a job focused on long-term partnerships. Both with our employees, suppliers, dealers, and end clients we want to build a partnership that cannot exceed the expiry date.

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