Enjoy growing with Dewulf

Enjoy growing with Dewulf

Maintaining a Dewulf RA3060 harvester: a step-by-step guide
07 June 2024

Service is crucial and the key to success. Clearly then, you want to do all you can to ensure your harvester is in tip-top shape for the coming harvesting season. Together with your virtual service technician from Dewulf, we will go through an RA3060 so you can carry out the necessary maintenance. Here we go! 

Self-propelled harvester's popularity explained
06 June 2024

Are you all set for the coming harvesting season? In recent years, we have noticed an undeniable shift at Dewulf (and beyond): contractors and growers are increasingly opting for self-propelled harvesters over trailed harvesters. There are a number of specific, identifiable reasons for this shift, which we would like to discuss in this blog. 

A deep dive into the Dewulf MB 34 box filler
14 May 2024

Experience the innovation first-hand as Dewulf walks you through the MB 34 box filler. Whether you are a seasoned grower, an agriculture enthusiast or just curious about advanced technology, this blog post offers valuable insights into the features and benefits of Dewulf's recently launched MB 34.

The heart of the cup planter
06 May 2024

When it comes to planting, the main concerns are often accuracy and speed, which undoubtedly makes Dewulf's potato planters the best choice. Dewulf offers two types: the belt planter and the cup planter. In this blog, we will be discussing the latter! 

A detailed overview of the Certa 40 Integral
23 April 2024

The Certa 40 Integral is Dewulf's solution for growers who want a compact all-in-one planter. With this cup planter, we combine soil cultivation, planting and ridging in a single working pass. In this blog we provide an in-depth look at the machine! 

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Enjoyable
NEW: Enduro Generation 2
  • Largest bunker in its segment

  • Lowest ground pressure in its class

  • Unique ring elevator with high capacity

Dewulf, naturally!

At Dewulf we make heavy duty, reliable machines that are enjoyable to work with in the field or in and around the storage buildings. Everything we do revolves around you, the customer. Many growers and agricultural professionals around the world count on us for their potato and root crop activities. Why not join them?