Enjoy growing with Dewulf

Enjoy growing with Dewulf

A day on the road with... Laurens Callewaert, service technician at Dewulf
18 April 2024

Laurens, who was raised in a real farming family, joined Dewulf after his studies and several years of work experience. That was ten years ago, and he has worked as a service technician at the company ever since. Today, he travels the world commissioning and repairing Dewulf machines. On behalf of Hectares Magazine, we had the opportunity to follow along for a day! 

Pro tip: Gluing Structural replacement belts
22 February 2024

With the planting season just around the corner, we offer a quick solution for repairing loose replacement belts for your Miedema or Dewulf belt planters. No need to worry, with primer and new glue it's a snap! Follow our simple steps to keep your Structural belts in top condition. And remember: always use fresh glue for the best possible adhesion.

A top lifting harvester from Dewulf with a cutting-edge cutter set
26 January 2024

As carrot grower or agricultural contractor, you continuously grapple with growing consumer expectations. Staying ahead of the competition requires not only bringing quality products to market but also ensuring timely delivery of your product. Meeting these rigorous expectations requires a dependable machine capable of performing effortlessly—even in the most challenging conditions—and as economically as possible. No harvester lives up to these expectations like Dewulf's top lifting harvester.

New self-propelled Enduro harvester increases capacity for potato cultivation
16 January 2024

Igor Nochevka, an agronomist at Aktogay Agro specialised in potatoes and vegetables, talks about the recent purchase of a new Enduro harvester.

Why the Kwatro excels in wet conditions
10 January 2024

Harvesting potatoes is a challenging undertaking, especially when you are dealing with wet conditions. Rainy seasons and soggy fields can complicate harvesting and lead to yield and quality losses. Kwatro, Dewulf's sieving harvester can help growers and agricultural contractors deal with these challenges. So let's discuss the main advantages of a Kwatro in wet conditions.

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Enjoyable
NEW: Enduro Generation 2
  • Largest bunker in its segment

  • Lowest ground pressure in its class

  • Unique ring elevator with high capacity

Dewulf, naturally!

At Dewulf we make heavy duty, reliable machines that are enjoyable to work with in the field or in and around the storage buildings. Everything we do revolves around you, the customer. Many growers and agricultural professionals around the world count on us for their potato and root crop activities. Why not join them?