General Conditions for the contest


The contest rules specified herein lay down the conditions and rules governing all participants of the prize contest ‘Free use of an R3060 in the harvesting season 2022’, which is organised by Dewulf NV via its offline and online channels, including its attendance at Interpom, social media profiles and website.


  1. Contest participation is possible through the official Dewulf channel on which the contest is published.
  2. Any individual 18 years of age or older can participate in a Dewulf contest. 
  3. In the event of participation using a fake profile, the person behind the profile can be denied further participation in the contest at any time and his/her right to a prize may be withdrawn. In the event of irregularities or cheating in the contest, Dewulf has the right to exclude a participant from the contest at any time.
  4. Dewulf cannot be held liable for disruptions to the contest, attributable to causes such as the internet, website, network, software or hardware (including that of third parties), or for technical problems and/or problems caused by third parties (such as delays, strikes, damage etc.) that make participation impossible.
  5. Dewulf undertakes to award the prize to the winner within or outside of Europe.
  6. The conditions for participation in a contest will always be communicated in summary form on the promotional page, poster or message, in addition to these detailed contest rules.
  7. A cash payment and/or exchange of prizes is not possible.
  8. All decisions are final and binding. Dewulf is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that are in any way related to the contest.
  9. The contest is held via various social media channels: These social media channels may not be associated with the contest and these may in no manner be supported or performed by the social media channels themselves. Therefore, the social media channels can also not be held responsible for any problems that may occur.


  1. When participating in the contest, then the participants provide their explicit consent that their personal details may be used for administrative purposes, such as the creation and maintenance of a contest database.
  2. By participating in the contest, each participant automatically agrees that Dewulf may publish their first and last names and state publicly that they are a winner of the contest.
  3. The information provided by the participant is required for the processing and completing of the delivery of the harvester and the possible invoicing of spare parts. By placing an order for a product, the data is transferred to Dewulf’s customer database.
  4. Dewulf will never share this personal information with third parties, unless this is explicitly requested by judicial authorities or when it is legally obliged to do so. The participant has the right to object free of charge to the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing initiatives. The participant has the right to access, modify or remove his or her personal information.


  1. A Dewulf representative will award the prize(s) to participants at the end of the promotional period.
  2. We can only effectively deliver a prize if a winner responds within five working days after we contact them. If no response is received within the aforementioned period, another winner may be chosen and the original winner will lose any claim to a prize. In such cases there is no right to any compensation of damages.
  3. Submissions for participation handed in before or after the promotional period shall under no circumstances be entitled to claim any prizes.


The execution of the R3060 proposed by Dewulf will meet the specific requirements for the cultivation of the winner. Here, it is possible that the harvester has a serial number from 2021 (nearly new) or 2022 (new).

Dewulf will coordinate together with the winner on where and when the harvester is to be delivered. Dewulf cannot be held liable for the delayed delivery of the harvester, caused by unforeseen circumstances. The transportation costs for the delivery and the return of the harvester shall be borne by the user.

The harvester can be used free of charge for a maximum of 175 hectares in the year 2022. Every additionally harvested hectare shall be compensated in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the lease contract.

During the usage period, the harvester is under the warranty of Dewulf. This warranty only applies to the frame, the diesel engine, the entire powertrain as well as all hydraulic, electric and electronic components. All parts and wear parts that require replacement during the usage period shall be charged to the user. All spare parts, filters and oils must be purchased from Dewulf. Depending on the region, this can be done via the dealer or directly from the manufacturer. As soon as non-original parts are used, the contest is voided and the entire amount of harvested hectares must be compensated in accordance with the amount stated above.

The user of the harvester must have completed the ‘Dewulf Driver Training’.

The user shall be in possession of civil liability insurance.

The harvester shall be used and maintained (periodical service and replacement of wear parts) with all due care. A condition report shall be prepared between Dewulf and the user on return of the harvester. Costs shall be charged to the user in the event one of the following points is determined:

  • Damage caused by foreign objects or external factors
  • Use of the machine that can be considered as abusive, abnormal, overloading or incorrect
  • Failure to check the oil level in the engine and hydraulic system, tyre pressure, wheel bolt torque, failure to clean the radiator and air filters, etc. (in accordance with the manual)
  • Failure to perform a visual inspection of the machine on a regular basis
  • Failure to clean and lubricate the machine on a regular basis
  • Failure to have certain ‘campaigns’ performed on the machine, as instructed by Dewulf
  • Failure to heed or take action in response to fault messages reported by the onboard computer
  • Incorrect towing or hoisting of the machine

In the event of the failure of a specific part, the harvester may not be continued to be used to prevent further damage as a result of this initial failure.

Furthermore, compensation can never be claimed for direct or indirect damage or losses resulting from the breakdown of the harvester.

The costs for fuel and AdBlue consumption shall be borne by the user.

In the event of theft, the user shall agree to pay the following waivers resulting from the connected “multi-risk insurance”, which Dewulf has taken out:

  • €2500 per claim
  • €10,000 in the event of theft of the harvester.

Dewulf reserves the right to install a “track & trace” system on the harvester.

The harvester can be purchased following the 2022 harvesting season. At the purchase of the harvester, Dewulf’s general terms and conditions for purchase apply.

In the event that the harvester is not purchased following the usage period, the harvester must be cleaned thoroughly before its return. In the event that the harvester is not cleaned before being returned, the costs involved in the cleaning of the harvester shall be charged to the user.

Damage to the ‘bodywork’ shall be charged to the user. In the event that the machine is returned with damage to its ‘bodywork’ following the usage period, the repair of the damage shall be charged separately to the user.

All aforementioned matters shall be incorporated in a lease contract. Only when this lease contract has been signed can the prize of this contest be claimed.



The Agreement is fully, completely and exclusively subject to Belgian law.
Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the competent courts in the judicial district of Ghent (Kortrijk division).