A deep dive into the Dewulf MB 34 box filler

A deep dive into the Dewulf MB 34 box filler

Experience the innovation first-hand as Dewulf walks you through the MB 34 box filler. Whether you are a seasoned grower, an agriculture enthusiast or just curious about advanced technology, this blog post offers valuable insights into the features and benefits of Dewulf's recently launched MB 34.

Fully electric with a nodding filling conveyor

The MB 34 features a nodding filling conveyor. This ensures that the machine remains firm and stable on the ground while filling the boxes. Moreover, the MB 34 is completely electrically powered. This provides several advantages: 

  • Energy efficient: electrical systems minimise power consumption. 
  • Cost savings: more efficient electric drive means lower long-term costs. 
  • No hydraulic power units: all-electric means slightly quieter operation and eliminates the need for oil changes.  

The MB 34 in detail: a close look at the frame

Transport mode

The MB 34 can be transported extremely quickly and compactly. The box filler's transport mode allows you to easily fold the rear box stops inward, towards the machine. At the press of a button on the filling conveyor, the machine slides inward and both ends tilt down. This puts the machine in its most compact position, ready for transport. Two integrated forklift pockets make it very easy to move the machine with a forklift. As a handy extra feature, the MB 34 also has a label tray that can be placed on either side of the machine.   

Adjustable height and box detection

The support legs are conveniently labelled with numbers, simplifying height adjustment of the MB 34. This means that a single machine can handle all box lengths. The box stops have two positions: 

  • For boxes from 1.20 m to 1.80 m long
  • For boxes from 1.80 m to 2.60 m long

A large box-detection plate under the filling conveyor automatically recognises (correctly placed) boxes. A flashing red LED light then provides the forklift driver with verification that the box has been placed correctly.

Filling conveyor with floating belt

The MB 34's filling conveyor is not merely an evolution of the MB 33's; it has been completely redesigned. The floating conveyor belt (400 cm long and 70 cm wide) with slightly trough-shaped support rollers provides extremely product-friendly handling. This is because the product is cushioned by the belt, which floats above the underlying rollers. There are also four arrester flaps that reduce the speed of the product flow on the belt by pressing harder on the conveyor belt where the filling conveyor nods into the box. The conveyor belt has tracking belts along its edges that keep the belt properly aligned in the frame at all times. 

While filling the boxes, the MB 34's software uses ultrasonic sensors to ensure even distribution of the product in neat layers. The left- and right-side product sensors' detection distance can be separately adjusted from the display (in the cabin). 

Optionally, the MB 34 can be equipped with an ME 3-70 elevator conveyor, which is then directly attached to the box filler. This elevator conveyor is equipped with a jack at the bottom end to change the infeed height of the elevator conveyor. Electrical power for the ME 3-70 elevator conveyor is provided via the MB 34, and the belt speed can be easily set via the touchscreen. 

The box filler can also be optionally equipped with a product guidance flap. The boxes are thus filled evenly, as the product is spread symmetrically on the filling conveyor. This symmetrical filling ensures optimal ventilation during the storage season. 

Connectors and options

At the back of the machine, we find a number of connectors and power leads. 

  • 15-metre power lead with plug, fitted with phase inverter: supplies power to the entire machine. 
  • ME 3-70 power connector: provides seamless integration between the ME 3-70 elevator conveyor and the MB 34 box filler.
  • Outgoing, 5-pin power socket: can be configured to supply power continuously, only during use of the filling conveyor or only when the MB 34 is running.
  • Start-Control plug: this connection is used to control other Dewulf or Miedema machines in your line.

Additional options are also available for the MB 34: 

  • ME 3-70 elevator conveyor: adjustable belt speed, product guidance flap and rubber belt with raised side boards.
  • RT 30 or ME 4-70 compatibility: these stand-alone units have their own switch boxes and can be controlled via the Start-Control plug.

Efficient box filling with user-friendly control panel

The MB 34 has an integrated touchscreen display from which you can set parameters such as box size, filling conveyor speed and product detection distance with the greatest of ease. With these settings, you ensure optimal and efficient filling of the boxes. 

There are also LED lights on either side of the machine to indicate various modes: 

  • Off: no box has been detected. 
  • Flashing: a box is correctly positioned for filling. 
  • Continuously on: the box is full and ready to be replaced by an empty one. 

Finally, the MB 34 also includes a switch box that has a USB connector, fault indicator, main power switch, start/stop button and emergency stop button.


The Dewulf MB 34 box filler combines innovation, efficiency and smart technology with ease of use. Whether you want to upgrade your machinery or are just curious about advanced technology, the MB 34 deserves your attention. You can explore the product in detail on the extensive product page.