Dewulf adds new options that make MH 24x receiving hoppers even more versatile

Dewulf adds new options that make MH 24x receiving hoppers even more versatile

Dewulf, full-liner in machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, has introduced several new options for their MH 24x series of receiving hoppers. The new options for the MH 24x are a central outlet, a presentation conveyor for the variant with two units and larger separation of the PU spiral rollers (up to 70 mm). Those options further improve the versatility of these top quality receiving hoppers and satisfy the most recent market demands.

Central outlet allows more flexible positioning of the MH 24x
The standard configuration options for the MH 24x now include a central outlet for the product flow, as an alternative to the traditional side outlet. The central outlet feeds out the product in the middle, behind the machine. This significantly increases the capacity and provides more flexibility in the placement of the receiving hopper at the beginning of the storage line.

Presentation conveyor provides even more efficient cleaning and dosing on MH 24x with two units
If the MH 24x with two units is mainly used in heavy soil or with long products, then the optional presentation conveyor is a good choice. The presentation conveyor is located upstream of the first roller unit and provides more even distribution of the product. This way, optimal cleaning and dosing can be achieved even in difficult conditions.

Greater spacing of up to 70 mm for PU spiral rollers on the MH 24x simplifies pre-sorting
The PU spiral rollers of the MH 24x’s second unit now feature larger separation between the rollers, of up to 70 mm, as standard. This makes it easier to perform pre-sorting with this roller unit. This larger spacing is available on all MH 24x - 2 units that have the second unit fitted with Clean-Boost (with 6 or 7 rollers). The total range of this roller unit has increased by 20% and is now 5 – 70 mm.

As a reminder, with Dewulf's revolutionary Clean-Boost technology the speed of the electrically driven PU spiral rollers on an MH 24x can be briefly significantly increased to clear them of clinging soil. This ensures that the machine is always operating at optimal cleaning capacity.