Dewulf presents its brand new belt planter Structural 30 at Agritechnica ’17

Dewulf presents its brand new belt planter Structural 30 at Agritechnica ’17

Dewulf, full-liner in potato and root crop machinery, will reveal the Structural 30, its latest belt planter, at the Agritechnica 2017. The 3-row planter features innovation at its core with among others a unique, potato-friendly planting belt. Further to this addition to its highly praised Structural line, the manufacturer will be officially presenting the Inclino Master® technology in Hannover, with which the Torro is also equipped. The innovative machines from Dewulf can be discovered from 12 - 18 November in hall 25 on stand G23.

Dewulf will present the following innovations at Agritechnica '17:

New 3-row belt planter: Structural 30 - Speed, precision & potato-friendliness down to its very core

At Agritechnica, Dewulf will launch its latest addition to the highly praised Structural product line: the Structural 30. As standard, this innovative 3-row belt planter can plant 3 rows in a single bed. With this, the manufacturer is responding to a demand from the market that had been expressed by many customers.

The Structural 30 is equipped with the patented "Wave Belt" concept. The undulating shape of the planting belt prevents the seed material from rolling from one side to the other when planting in hilly conditions. This innovation is friendly to seed potatoes, ensuring the correct placement and guarantees a high capacity. During planting with the Structural 30 uneven terrain is no longer a nuisance. Thanks to the patented Inclino Master® technology, the planting element and the bunker are kept horizontal at all times. In the course of this, the furrow opener always follows the contours of the bed. In this manner, the driver can concentrate fully on planting without having to worry about potatoes rolling about. Other noticeable properties of the Structural 30 are among others a very small turning radius for high manoeuvrability and the replaceable furrow opener, enabling 2-row planting.

Of course, the features noted above expand upon the renowned functionality of the Structural line. Without a doubt, the "Structural" is the fastest and at the same time the most reliable line of potato planters available on the market. Just like the machines from the MS series, the Structural 30 is able to quickly and accurately plant seed material of different sizes at the correct planting distance.

Inclino Master® for the Torro, Dewulf's latest light, 2-row trailed sieving harvester with bunker

In addition to the Torro's unique curved haulm conveyor, the patented Inclino Master® technology greatly contributes to the characteristic potato-friendliness of this harvester. This technology ensures that the harvesting unit continuously remains parallel to the field while the harvester is always kept horizontal. This increases productivity and avoids the loss of quality due to potatoes becoming damaged during harvesting. The 2-row, trailed sieving harvester with bunker was launched in mid-September attracting great interest from the market. The Torro that Dewulf is bringing to Agritechnica is equipped with the Inclino Master®, which can then also be discovered for the first time at a trade show.

Constant values: ML1680 and P3K Profi

An ML 1680 and P3K Profi will also be present on Dewulf's stand. The 16 m long and 80 cm wide store loader, the ML 1680, has a high capacity of more than 150 tonnes/hour with a product-friendly conveyor speed. The wide conveyor belt lies completely free from the frame, as a result of which it can be used in its entirety. Thanks to an additional short, level conveyor on the feed side, referred to as the "X-stream", a particularly product-friendly transport with a higher capacity is possible. The 1-row mounted top lifting harvester with discharge elevator, the P3K Profi, ensures both a minimum falling height of the product due to a separate cross conveyor under the knives as well as an optimal filling of the 3-row discharge elevator. The 3-point linked top lifting harvester is equipped with the unique maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive', with which two heavy-duty plate wheels guarantee perfect synchronisation of the knives. That ensures its harvesting capacity is increased considerably, while at the same time a high quality end product remains safeguarded.