[Ended] Special actions for our 75th anniversary

[Ended] Special actions for our 75th anniversary


In 2021 Dewulf celebrates its 75th anniversary... and we like to celebrate that with some nice discounts for you!
Are you celebrating with us?

The actions:

  • up to €2500 discount on SC + CP combinations
  • free upgrade to GPS Planting Control to the value of €2050 (for all planters)
  • free upgrade to the Premium filler function to the value of €1700 (for ML 80)
  • €1000 discount on purchase of our VIP delivery package for an R3060: "Wulfie's Finest"
  • up to €3000 discount on the Rotary Cleaner Control option (for top lifting harvesters)
  • € 2000 discount when selecting the weighing set on a MB 111 or MB 111 Xtreme

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