Interpom 2018 will be an edition of “firsts” for Dewulf

Interpom 2018 will be an edition of “firsts” for Dewulf

Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, has a number of “firsts” prepared for Interpom 2018. For example, during this main event of the potato industry, the manufacturer will unveil the very first RA3060 Essential and the SC 300 to the general public. The RA3060 Essential is an attractively priced standard configuration of the R3060, self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester. The SC 300 cultivator is the first model in the brand-new line of cultivators from Dewulf. The Torro, a trailed 2-row sieving harvester, which is also present, has been equipped with a number of new features. No less than 10 machines can be discovered on Dewulf’s stand. At Interpom 2018, Dewulf can be found in hall 4 – stand 413.

You can discover the following machines and innovations from Dewulf on the manufacturer’s stand during Interpom 2018:

RA3060 Essential: competitively priced, self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester (NEW)

A universal standard configuration of the renowned self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester, based on the feedback provided by growers, with an attractive starting price of €288,000: that is the RA3060 Essential. With this variant of the R3060, Dewulf is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of this harvester. The machine offers all the elements for a successful crop, at a keen price. In addition to the familiar heavy-duty characteristics of the R3060, as standard the RA3060 Essential is also equipped with LED lights, 8 infrared cameras and an axial module.

SC 300: the first model in the brand-new SC cultivator line from Dewulf (NEW)

The SC 300 is a cultivator for attachment in front of or behind a tractor. This machine can be installed quickly on the tractor and fits each model. This cultivator guarantees high, reliable performance and excels in regard to the ease of use. With its 650 mm rotor diameter, the SC series has a larger rotor diameter than most other cultivators in the same category. This makes it possible to till deeper for better growing bed preparation, yet still have a compact machine. The special steel used to make the cultivator tines also ensures high durability. Moreover, the powertrain of an SC cultivator can handle the power from engines rated to 250 hp, so it is capable of taking on any type of soil. When used in a front-mounted position, the specially shaped (dis-)mountable ridge formers that are adjustable in height, ensure that the soil is guided towards the ridge to a maximum degree and away from the wheel track without pressing on the soil. This safeguards that there is always a sufficient amount of loose soil to form a good ridge with the planter. The SC 300 front cultivator can be discovered at the Dewulf stand.

Torro: trailed 2-row sieving harvester, now with an unloading-on-the-move bunker (NEW)

The Torro, a trailed 2-row sieving harvester with particular attention to potato-friendliness, has made a name for itself on the market. At the Interpom, Dewulf will present a model with 2 innovations: a hydraulically driven sieving web 1 and a bunker for unloading on the move with a sieving discharge elevator. The hydraulically driven sieving web 1 (option) is unique in the segment of the Torro, as a result of which the sieving web speed can be adjusted 100% variably as required. The two-part, unloading on the move bunker (option) features a discharge elevator with low hedgehog bars, which make additional cleaning possible.

No less than 10 machines will be present on the Dewulf stand

Dewulf will also bring a Miedema Structural (MS) 2000 and CP 42 to the trade fair. The MS 2000 is a 2-row belt planter and will be present in a mounted variant. This Structural combines an extremely high planting precision, a high driving speed (up to 11 km/h) and potato-friendliness. This is a result of the renowned, original Structural belt planting system. The CP 42, a 4-row cup planter, is a multi-purpose machine and can be adapted to the specific crop requirement thanks to the various available options. A trailed variant of the CP 42 will also be present on the stand.

Smart handling of seed potatoes is always a necessity. This becomes even more important when prices are under pressure. The Miedema PGS seed potato cutter cuts seed potatoes optimally and with a high capacity, without a loss of quality. Sharp knives made with stainless steel, a continuous disinfection and an integrated powder applicator to prevent drying out are a number of the features of this useful machine.

The Kwatro, the self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester from Dewulf, does not really require any further explanation. The harvester features a sieving path without constrictions, has an 11-tonne bunker and the lowest ground pressure per cm2 on the market.

In the area of in-store material, at Dewulf an MH 241, an ML 1680 and an MB 33 can be discovered. The MH 241 receiving hopper has been developed for medium-sized and larger growers and has a capacity of 18-20 m3. For years now, the Miedema receiving hoppers have been your guarantee for product-friendliness, capacity, user-friendliness and versatility. The many available options make it possible to adapt the receiving hopper to the specific needs of every grower. Moreover, due to a nod on the intake end, the MH 241 is particularly suitable for the use with various tipping trailers. Finally, an ML 1680 with X-stream will be shown. This 16 m long and 80 cm wide store loader has a high capacity of over 150 tonnes/h at a product-friendly conveyor belt speed. The wide transport web lies completely free from the frame, as a result of which it can be used in its entirety. Thanks to an additional, short, flat belt conveyor on the intake end, referred to as “X-stream”, a particularly product-friendly transport with a higher capacity is possible. The MB 33 is a box filler with a capacity of 40-60 boxes per hour. The MB 33 fills boxes homogeneously and in layers by means of a built-in product sensor, which guarantees a good potato quality.