Dewulf is bringing a worldwide premiere to SIMA ’19 with the unveiling of the very first mounted 3-row belt planter

Dewulf is bringing a worldwide premiere to SIMA ’19 with the unveiling of the very first mounted 3-row belt planter


Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will present the mounted variant of the Structural 30 for the first time at SIMA ’19. With the introduction of this machine, the manufacturer brings to market the world's very first mounted 3-row belt planter. This variant combines the tremendous potato-friendliness and ease-of-use that the Structural 30 is known for with new, exceptionally precise depth control. The recently launched RA3060 Essential and SC 300, along with several other machines, will also be on display at Dewulf's stand in Paris from 24 to 28 February (hall 6, stand F058).

Structural 30 mounted: the first mounted 3-row belt planter on the market (NEW)

The mounted Structural 30, which plants three rows in a bed as standard, is the very first of its kind on the market. The unveiling of this planter comes little more than a year after the launch of the trailed variant in late 2017. A unique aspect of the mounted planter is its automatic depth control via an ultrasonic sensor, which is insusceptible to track formation and is infinitely adjustable via the control terminal in the tractor cabin. This guarantees depth control with extremely close precision, so the seed potatoes can always grow optimally. The mounted variant is also exceptionally manoeuvrable, making it ideal for planting fields with smaller headlands.

Moreover, the mounted Structural 30 guarantees the same high potato-friendliness and the same phenomenal ease-of-use as the trailed variant. For example, the planter also features the ‘Wave Belt’ concept, which is unique to the Structural 30. This undulating belt bed makes planting on hilly terrain simpler and more relaxed for the driver. Thanks to the renowned, unique Structural belt bed planting system, the machine also combines extreme planting precision with a high driving speed (up to 12 km/h).

In good company

Dewulf will also be bringing an RA3060 Essential − their sharply priced, self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester − to SIMA. This universal standard configuration of the highly acclaimed R3060, based on feedback from growers, was launched at Interpom (BE) in November 2018. With its starting price of €288,000 it can count on plenty of interest. Standard equipment includes: LED lights, 8 infrared cameras and an axial module.

The first model in the new SC cultivator series from Dewulf, the SC 300, will be exhibited at the trade fair. The SC 300 is a rotary cultivator for attachment in front of or behind a tractor. It offers high, reliable performance, ease-of-use and excellent growing bed preparation. The latter is made possible thanks in part to the large 650 mm rotor diameter, which is larger than that of most other cultivators in the same category and can therefore cultivate deeper.

The Torro, a trailed 2-row sieving harvester, designed with special attention to potato-friendliness, will be presented at SIMA with an unloading-on-the-move bunker and a hydraulically driven sieving web 1 (unique). This drive system provides infinitely variable control of the speed of the sieving web, either manually as needed or automatically in proportion to the driving speed, via the Syncro Flow function.

The CP 22 Farmer, a mounted 2-row cup planter, is a light, inexpensive machine that is nevertheless exceptionally durable. The planting element makes use of the same technology as in the 4- and 8-row cup planters, guaranteeing excellent performance without compromise. The planter is intended for professional potato growers with small or specialised acreage who want to plant with exceptional reliability and precision. The CP 22 Farmer presented at the stand is mainly intended for smaller row distances (61−76 cm).

The P3CL Profi is a mounted 1-row top lifting harvester with hydraulic lift. This harvester is therefore superbly suited for unloading directly into boxes. Thanks to the hydraulic box lift you can easily switch boxes and, with an optional sorting platform, efficiently sort the product.