Dewulf to bring a selection of their complete range to Agritechnica 2019

Dewulf to bring a selection of their complete range to Agritechnica 2019

Dewulf, full-liner in machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will, as always, bring several machines with them to Agritechnica ’19. The manufacturer will show seven machines at its stand. They range from soil cultivation to planting and from harvesting to storage. Of course, Dewulf will also have a top lifting harvester on its stand. The machines will be on display in Hanover (DE) (hall 25 - stand H23) from 10 to 16 November.


Dewulf will bring the following machines to Agritechnica 2019:


SC 300 front mounted: essential for perfect planting bed preparation

When the SC 300 cultivator is mounted on the front of the tractor, it can be easily combined with a potato planter. With its large rotor diameter of 650 mm, the SC 300 tills deeper than the standard rotary cultivators in its class. Plenty of loose soil is made available for optimum ridge formation and the best possible growing conditions. As standard, the SC cultivator is fitted with 112 tempered steel hooks, hardfaced with a wear resistant coating. Other options are, of course, also available. The SC 300 rotary cultivator is reliable, self-cleaning and low maintenance.


MS 4000 trailed: precise planting in 4 rows

The MS 4000 is a trailed 4-row belt planter and the largest member of the renowned Structural family. This planter is the best choice for growers who place the greatest demands on planting capacity. That is thanks to its precision and potato-friendliness, in combination with a high driving speed. The MS 4000 has a large bunker capacity of 4 tonnes and offers a wide range of options. The machine at the trade fair is equipped with a spray set, Ferti-Flow – a continuously adjustable belt metering system for fertiliser – and cage rollers, which are particularly well-suited for ridge forming in lighter soils.


Torro with unloading on the move bunker: potato-friendliness and efficiency

At Agritechnica, Dewulf will show the variant of their Torro with unloading on the move bunker and a hydraulically driven sieving conveyor 1, with provides 100% variable control of the speed of the first sieving belt (unique in segment). Particular attention has been paid to potato-friendliness in this trailed 2-row sieving harvester. This has been achieved through aspects such as the unique curved haulm conveyor and the patented ‘Inclino Master®’ technology. Thanks to its unique haulm conveyor, the drop height of the product is always kept to an absolute minimum and haulm separation is optimal. The ‘Inclino Master®’ prevents damage by continuously checking and correcting the parallelism of the harvesting unit relative to the field.


Kwatro featuring a bunker with sieving discharge elevator: ideal for direct delivery

The Kwatro, self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester, at the trade fair will be equipped with the new, improved haulm roller system and the recently launched 2-part bunker with sieving discharge elevator. This option provides extra sieving capacity during unloading of the bunker and also supports unloading on the move. The bunker floor with bunker slats is followed by a discharge elevator with bar web that sieves out excess soil. This harvester also stands out in terms of its minimal ground pressure thanks to its double tracks and large rear wheel. Another unique aspect of the Kwatro is that sieving webs 1, 2 and 3 have absolutely no constrictions over the entire sieving path.


GBC: seamless logistics and high reliability for carrot harvesting

The GBC is exceptionally popular among carrot growers, and there are good reasons for that. This compact trailed 1-row top lifting harvester with bunker is exceptionally manoeuvrable, even on the smallest parcels. Thanks to its 6 m3 bunker, it is suitable for use in any logistics process. The GBC is naturally also equipped with Dewulf's highly acclaimed, low maintenance, unique top lifting harvesting technologies: Floating Share, Gearbox Drive and Labyrinth Sealing. These ensure maximum stability, accurate pick-up and perfect synchronisation of the knives, along with high durability.


MH 241 with Smart-Pin: consistent cleaning quality without interruption

The MH 241, a receiving hopper with a capacity of 20 m3, shown at the trade fair will be configured with a presentation conveyor, a cleaning unit with 7 metal spiral rollers and a retractable Smart-Pin. The presentation belt ensures continuous even distribution of the product, even in challenging conditions. This is the key to achieving efficient cleaning and dosing. Thanks to the Smart-Pin, a hard-wearing point that runs between the spiral rollers to keep them free of caked-on soil, a consistent product cleaning quality is guaranteed without interruption of the storage process. The retractable pin retracts automatically to prevent haulm blockages on the roller unit.


MB 111: fully automatic box filling with high capacity

The MB 111 is ideal for those who want to fill large numbers of boxes quickly with a minimum of forklift movements. This box filler can be supplied with a stack of 3 empty boxes simultaneously. The boxes are automatically destacked in the machine and fed to the filling unit. The machine continues to operate during the removal of a full box and the infeed of an empty box, because the product is simultaneously buffered. The MB 111 fills the boxes in 3 layers for good distribution of the product and optimum ventilation through the box. The machine stacks the full boxes in pairs on a discharge platform so a forklift can easily remove them. Thanks to this fully automatic process, a fill rate of 80 boxes per hour can be achieved, always at a continuous fill rate. The product flow can also be supplied from 3 sides, which gives you tremendous flexibility to work however you like in any space. The MB 111 at the trade fair will also be fitted with a weighing unit.