First Enduro demo outside Belgium at Potato Demonstration Day

First Enduro demo outside Belgium at Potato Demonstration Day

Every two years, several organisations from Wageningen join forces to organise the Potato Demonstration Day in Westmaas, the Netherlands. Since this event encompasses every facet of the potato chain, what would it be without Dewulf, the full-liner in agricultural machines for potato cultivation? Highlights will include the first international appearance of Dewulf's latest flagship, the Enduro 4-row potato harvester.

Gathering for the potato sector

After a fully online Potato Demonstration Day event in 2020, Dewulf is only too excited to announce that on 31 August, we will be resuming our time-honoured tradition of showing a key selection of our extensive range of high-quality machines at an in-person gathering. Besides a classic exhibition stand, at this potato sector gathering you will also be able to see most of the machines in action, as Dewulf will be conducting numerous demonstrations.

Machines, machines and more machines

Both professionals and interested parties from the sector will have the opportunity to whet their appetite for Dewulf's machines. Focusing first on the 4-row self-propelled harvesters, the new Enduro will be demonstrated for the first time outside of Belgium. It combines minimal ground pressure with a sieving path without constrictions and a cleaning module that, uniquely, can be adjusted between 0 and 12 degrees. The tried and true Kwatro will also be demoed. This machine puts product-friendliness first, with frontal harvesting. Moreover, the tracks of this machine provide the best ground pressure per cm² of any 4-row harvester in the entire market segment. The 2-row R3060 will be on hand at our exhibition stand too.

As far as planting equipment is concerned, a Miedema Structural 4000 with the new portal steering feature and box tippler will be on display at the same stand. There will also be a mounted CP42 on hand for your close inspection, along with an SC 300 rotary cultivator.

In the area of storage equipment, you can expect a demo of an MH 241 receiving hopper combi, with Smart-Pin on the first cleaning unit and Clean-Boost on the second. The former is a hard-wearing pin that runs between the spiral rollers to ensure consistent cleaning, while the latter is a high-tech solution that temporarily increases the speed of the electrically driven PU spiral rollers. It clears the rollers of any caked-on soil. This machine effortlessly combines excellent cleaning performance with equally high processing capacity and flexibility, tailored to local conditions.

Dewulf will also demonstrate an ML 1980 X-stream store loader that is 19 metres long and 80 cm wide. Thanks to the Premium filling program, this machine can fill a store automatically in perfect layers, with attention to product-friendliness. Beyond that, use of the short, flat X-stream conveyor belt increases the processing capacity further, even over a ninety-degree angle. You will also see the MC 1780 duo belt conveyor with Weight-Control weighing device in action and the ME 100 elevator conveyor, which will carry the sieved soil away from the MH.

As a last demo machine, we are pleased to announce our fully automatic MB 111 box filler. This machine can handle up to 80 boxes/hour with a minimum of forklift movements. This machine can supply a stack of three empty boxes, which are then automatically filled and stacked in twos. At our Dewulf stand you will also find a Miedema Web Grader. This grader provides the flexibility to allow mounting behind various brands of receiving hoppers, to efficiently sort by product size. In short, much to look forward to!