Why the Kwatro excels in wet conditions

Why the Kwatro excels in wet conditions

Why the Kwatro excels in wet conditions


Harvesting potatoes is a challenging undertaking, especially when you are dealing with wet conditions. Rainy seasons and soggy fields can complicate harvesting and lead to yield and quality losses. Kwatro, Dewulf's sieving harvester can help growers and agricultural contractors deal with these challenges. So let's discuss the main advantages of a Kwatro in wet conditions.




In 2010, Dewulf launched the Kwatro sieving harvester. It was the very first in the market to combine a frontal harvesting unit with a classic sieving path, hedgehog web, cleaning modules and the largest bunker! Over the years, the Kwatro built a strong reputation and was aptly nicknamed: master of the field, anytime, anywhere.

Some advantages of the Kwatro:

  • Luxurious cabin and easy operation: the driver can fully focus on harvesting
  • High-quality standard components: available worldwide and easy to replace
  • Frontal harvesting: potato ridges remain intact, ensuring a high-quality end product
  • Sophisticated weight distribution, 900 mm wide tracks and a super-wide rear wheel: ensure perfectly even ground after harvesting
  • Lowest ground pressure per cm²  in the market
  • Extremely manoeuvrable: thanks to a maximum rear wheel steering deflection of 60°


Lord and master in wet conditions


The Kwatro's biggest selling point is that no machine can match how well the harvester works in wet conditions.

  1. The tracks and wide rear wheel ensure outstanding stability. This is precisely why the Kwatro is able to harvest longer, further and wider in wet conditions.
  2. The traction can be adjusted per track/wheel so that it is almost always possible to harvest. This makes the Kwatro very reliable in all types of weather and even the most demanding conditions.
  3. Thanks to the frontal harvesting unit (in front of the tracks), the potato ridges remain intact and the harvester remains strong and stable. This allows you to harvest longer in wet conditions.

In short, the Dewulf Kwatro potato harvester is a worthwhile investment for any grower or contractor striving for successful harvests, whatever the weather conditions. With the Kwatro, farmers can take their potato cultivation to the next level and be confident in the harvest, even when it seems to never stop raining. It is not just a machine; it is a reliable partner on the field, anytime, anywhere.