A top lifting harvester from Dewulf with a cutting-edge cutter set

A top lifting harvester from Dewulf with a cutting-edge cutter set

As carrot grower or agricultural contractor, you continuously grapple with growing consumer expectations. Staying ahead of the competition requires not only bringing quality products to market but also ensuring timely delivery of your product. Meeting these rigorous expectations requires a dependable machine capable of performing effortlessly—even in the most challenging conditions—and as economically as possible. No harvester lives up to these expectations like Dewulf's top lifting harvester.

Development of the top lifting harvester

Dewulf has been developing harvesters for various vegetables since 1946. We introduced the first top lifting harvesters in the 1960s, resulting in new standards of quality and capacity. In the mid-1960s, Dewulf began to focus on continuous innovation, which in turn led to a substantial expansion of the company's export business. In the 1970s, self-propelled top lifting harvesters were introduced, allowing Dewulf to offer a wide range of top lifting harvesters.

Harvesting with Dewulf's top lifting harvesters offers many advantages. The simple operation allows the driver to fully concentrate on the harvesting process. The models are made of high-quality, wear-resistant parts, which are widely available and easily replaced. This results in increased productivity and lower maintenance costs, making harvesting a very enjoyable experience during the most crucial time of the year.

Floating shares

An accurate topping result starts with how the carrots or other root crop are lifted. They must hang evenly and accurately in the harvesting belt. When it comes to this aspect, Dewulf top lifting harvesters are distinguished by their individual harvesting elements with independent harvesting shares, which we also call floating shares. These ensure maximum stability, even at high harvesting speeds. Small movements of the harvesting element have no influence on the position of the share arms, thus ensuring maximum stability.

Cutting-edge cutter set

The bearings at the core of a Dewulf top lifting harvester are hermetically sealed with labyrinth seals. This keeps the bearings out of reach of even the smallest dust particles and corrosive plant juices, extending their service life and minimising maintenance. The blades are driven by a maintenance-free gearbox drive, which ensures perfect synchronisation while also preventing damage to the carrot tops. Fitted with a spring safety mechanism, the blades also always reliably return to their initial position, even when undesirable materials, such as wood, pass through the system.

  • Round and flat

With six (or optionally eight) blades per element, the Dewulf top lifting harvester ensures an optimum topping result, while it also features self-cleaning blades. An integrated reversing device prevents blockages, too. Moreover, you can choose between round blades, for maximum product friendliness, and flat blades for maximum capacity, particularly for sandy, abrasive soils.

  • Reversible and hard-wearing

Dewulf recently introduced a new blade set on its most innovative top lifting harvester, the ZKIV. This new, innovative cutter set combines speed with the highest possible respect for the product throughout the harvesting process. The blades are made of a new type of hard-wearing material and are fully reversible, extending their life. Meanwhile, this cutter set is also available on ZKII and ZKIII.

As a carrot grower or agricultural contractor, you only want to work with machines that meet your needs and requirements. With Dewulf's top lifting harvesters and revolutionary, patented cutter set, you can count on pure craftsmanship, high quality and optimum performance.